PGP key transition 255AD671 to 90485390

PGPI have set up a new PGP key, and will be┬átransitioning away from my old one which will expire tomorrow. At the time I had created the old one, PGP unfortunately defaulted to a 1024 bit DSA keys as the primary with SHA1 as the preferred hash which isn’t enough for nowadays computing power and has long been deemed insecure.

Due to nature of web of trust, I would appreciate signatures on my new key, provided that your signing policy permits to do so without reauthenticating me. Unsigned key is just an unbacked claim of identity and possibly worse than not using PGP, do not accept unverified identities.

The old key is:
pub 1024D/255AD671 2008-08-21 [expires: 2013-07-12]
Key fingerprint = 5C16 FB92 1221 E5EF 5895 D550 966B 66C2 255A D671

The new key is:
pub 4096R/90485390 2013-07-10 [expires: 2017-07-10]
Key fingerprint = F643 9BD4 2FC5 3CC9 C655 668D 5B4B AB91 9048 5390

To fetch the new key from a public key server:
gpg --keyserver --recv-key 90485390

To validate that the new key is signed with my old key:
gpg --check-sigs 90485390

Upload the signatures to a public keyserver directly:
gpg --sign-key 90485390
gpg --keyserver --send-key 90485390

Alternatively, you can also download key, sign it, export to ASCII and send it to me.
gpg --import-key 90485390.asc
gpg --sign-key 90485390
gpg --armor --export 90485390 > 90485390-signed.asc

Use PGP responsibly.