Boxee Box upgrade

For everyone that followed my Boxee tutorial about set up on AsRock 330 ION good news cause upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 went smoothly, and as support to 9.10 will shortly end I advice everyone to do it.

There was one glitch which is again remote controller and again lirc needs to be patched.

( This is still only valid for 32-bit. )

Download, unpack, install drivers.

unzip IR(9.10).zip
sudo aptitude install lirc-modules-source
sudo dpkg -i lirc-nct677x-src-1.0.4-ubuntu9.10.deb lirc-nct677x-1.0.4-ubuntu9.10.deb

Install a custom version of lirc-modules-source and remove a patch.

cd /tmp
apt-get source lirc-modules-source
sudo apt-get build-dep lirc-modules-source
cd /tmp/lirc-0.8.6
vi debian/patches/series # remove the lirc_dev-2.6.33.patch line and save
sudo dpkg -i ../lirc-modules-source*deb

Create updated lirc_wb677 module

sudo dkms add -m lirc-nct677x-src -v 1.0.4-ubuntu9.10
sudo dkms build -m lirc-nct677x-src -v 1.0.4-ubuntu9.10
sudo dkms install -m lirc-nct677x-src -v 1.0.4-ubuntu9.10

Reboot and check loaded modules.

lsmod | grep lirc_wb677
lirc_wb677 25628 0
lirc_dev 8884 1 lirc_wb677