About me

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is” – Issac Asimov

My name is Andrzej. I write about anything that catches my mind as a die hard technology geek.

I have ITIL, RedHat and Cisco Certification and a bag of experience on Linux/Unix (Solaris, Redhat, Debian and Gentoo) and  networking solutions (mostly routing and switching). My second life are programming languages, recently Python and Django/Flask frameworks. I’m working currently a Trainer for Regional Internet Registry. Before that I’ve worked as a System Engineer for well know navigation manufacturer and couple of Internet Providers plus my try of becoming one. Originally Polish, currently in lovely city of Amsterdam.

BTW blog posts written before 2009 are in Polish.

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  • e-mail: taihen@taihen.org / andrzej@wolski.nl
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  • jabber/xmpp (not active): taihen@taihen.org
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